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Dark khaki Fishing vest. Custom-made Water-repellent Cat Harness with Pockets for GPS-tracker

Dark khaki Fishing vest. Custom-made Water-repellent Cat Harness with Pockets for GPS-tracker

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Custom-made cat harness - perfect for feline adventurers who love to explore the great outdoors! Crafted in a fishing vest style, this harness features four pockets for storing all of your cat's essentials during their exciting escapades.

We understand that every cat is unique, which is why we custom make our harnesses to fit your feline friend's measurements perfectly. With a soft cotton lining, your cat will stay comfortable and cozy throughout their outdoor adventures.

Our harness is designed to keep your cat safe and secure, featuring a strong D-ring for attaching a leash and sturdy velcro to keep the harness in place.

We also offer personalization options for your cat's harness - we'll add their name to make it truly their own! With its durable construction and convenient pockets, this cat harness is the perfect accessory for any adventurous feline.

Why do cats go outside?

  • Cats, by nature, are quite inquisitive, curious creatures. It motivates them to discover new territories and explore uncharted places, no matter how big your house is.
  • Cats are your faithful companions on any journey. Leaving these sweet love-muffins when you go on vacation is heartbreaking, isn’t it? So take them with you and be sure they’ll follow you even to the ends of the world.
  • Even couch cats need to visit their vets or groomers from time to time. And you both need to be ready for such situations. 

 When and why does a cat need a harness?

The outside world beckons cats with adventures, and you can help them explore it safely. Your pet needs a first-class harness every time:

  • You take them to the vet or groomer;
  • They travel with you by plane, car, or train;
  • While they’re watching the birds and bugs in the backyard;
  • When you explore the city jungle together;
  • When they walk with you in the cool morning forest.

Basically, a harness is required anytime your cat is outside your home and catio. 

Loud noises, other animals, people, and cars can scare your cat, and they may start running to some safe place. But a decent harness and leash will help you control your pet’s movements and quickly respond to their reaction. This will save your nerves and your pet’s life and health.

Considering the harness as a designer accessory? It’ll certainly let your cat stand out. A stylish harness will match your kittie’s temper and reveal their catality even more. If your pet loves attention, such a classy outfit will make them feel like a real celebrity.

Why are Allcatsgood harnesses the best choice?

  • Our harnesses are designed specifically for cats with their anatomy and body structure in mind.
  • We offer a wide size range with customization options to meet the unique needs of any cat, even those of non-standard size. Thus, our harnesses are safe and comfy for every kittie. 

Check out this post and learn how to take your cat’s measurements.

SIZE  Neck, cm/inches Chest, cm/inches
XXS 15-18 cm / 5.5 - 7 in 25-29 cm / 9.8-11.5 in
XS 18-23 cm / 7-9 in 29-34 cm / 11.5-13.5 in
S 20-24 cm / 8-9.5 in 32-37 cm / 12.5-14.5 in
M 22-27 cm / 8.5-10.5 in 35-41 cm / 13.5-16 in
L 24-29 cm / 9.5-11.5 in 38-44 cm / 15-17.5 in
XL 25-32 cm / 10-12.5 in 43-49 cm / 17-19.5 in
XXL 27-33 cm / 10.5-13 in 45-52 cm / 17.5-20.5 in
3XL 29-35 cm / 11.5-14 in 51-58 cm / 20-23 in


  • We sew our harnesses using high-quality materials ONLY:
  • High-quality velcro, designed for over 10,000 open/close cycles. Even if you take your cat outside daily, it’ll serve you for 3+ years.
  • The durable nylon tape is sewn along the harness to distribute pressure from the leash better. It saves your cat’s weak neck muscles when you need to pull the leash.
  • Each harness has a leash fastener in the form of a reinforced D-ring. It won’t rust or get deformed.
  • We use natural cotton to ensure our linings are soft and breathable. It won’t electrify your cat’s fur or irritate a hairless cat’s delicate skin.
  • Creative and thoroughly thought-out design will make your cat look unique. Get ready for compliments and admiring glances!
  • Want your harness to be 100% one-of-a-kind? We can add your pet’s name to it to make it even more special.

Materials: Water Repellent Fabric, Reflective stripes, Cotton inside, D-ring

I constantly improve models of jackets and find new materials, so ready-made jackets may differ slightly from photos

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