How to Take Your Cat's Measurements to Select a Harness

Let's start with security because that's what cat parents care about most.

A harness is an indispensable item both for cats who can't imagine their lives without street activities and those who at least occasionally interact with the world outside.

But for the harness to perform its primary function and at the same time not cause discomfort to your fluffy buddy, it must fit. Do you now see what I'm getting at? Yes, taking your cat's measurements.

Although it may not be an easy task, it is still doable if you know some secrets.

Spoiler: By the end of this post, you will:)

Step 1: Measure Your Cat's Neck

Neck circumference is a critical measurement. It's essential that the harness fits tightly enough but doesn't squeeze your cat's neck. Measure at the lowest point of the neck. If your cat wears a collar, it's the point you need.

Take the tailor's tape and carefully slip it around your pet's neck. Make it tight but be careful not to hurt the kitten. I use adjustable velcro fasteners, so don't worry; the harness will fit.

Step 2: Measure Your Cat's Chest

Repeat the same steps to take your cat's chest measurements. This time, slip the tailor's tape around the cat's body behind the front paws.

Most likely, it'll be more convenient to do this when the cat is standing. And again, I recommend measuring tight as velcro will help you adjust the harness.

Final Pro Tips

Prepare your cat for such a "strange" process so your little friend doesn't get scared.
  • Before you start, make some noise so that the cat understands that you are nearby and it doesn't surprise them.

  • Take measurements several times. This way, you can calculate the average.

  • Ask someone to help you hold the kitten if your pet doesn't like to sit still.

  • Give your cat a measuring tape to play with, so they'll perceive the process as a game.
Who else but you know the best approach to your kitten? So use your experience and imagination.  
If you aren't sure about the measurements or have questions, write a comment when posting an order or email me I'll help you identify the right size and choose the harness that will fit perfectly.

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