About me

I'm Hanna.
I've loved cats for as long as I can remember.
Creating classy things for them is my passion.
I personally select the highest quality materials for the harnesses. I test all fasteners, velcros, and constantly work on design improvement.
All harnesses are of excellent quality and are made with great attention to details. Everything: the harness, the cover, the postcards, drawn and signed by me, and a bow on the package - is made with love.
Allcatsgood parcel is more than just a harness, it's love, care and a piece of my soul.


  • Hanna

    Owner, Designer

    Hi, I am Hanna - the owner, designer and creator of Allcatsgood Cat Harnesses. I love cats, and I want them to be stylish and safe during walks and adventures.

  • Irina


    Irina is a talented tailor with over 25 years of experience. She helps me with the realization of my ideas.

  • Anfisa


    Anfisa is the traveling cat. She is the muse, mastermind and model of Allcatsgood