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Pet Collar - "Wild" - Cat Collar Breakaway /Non Breakaway / Cat, Kitten, Small Dog, Little Pets Sizes /Spring /Summer

Pet Collar - "Wild" - Cat Collar Breakaway /Non Breakaway / Cat, Kitten, Small Dog, Little Pets Sizes /Spring /Summer

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Buckle Clasp Type
Stylish pet collar is available in a few sizes for cats, little dogs and petite pets.
(Don't forget to explore our collection of matching accessories featured in the additional photos - all available in our store, each sold separately. )

Please note, this listing is specifically for the item showcased in the main photo.

► Select the adjustable collar size suitable for your furry friend from our menu of options. The pet's weight or age may not always indicate the right size, so please measure the neck for the perfect fit!

• S (15-25 cm / 6-10"): Ideal for smaller adult cats or kittens, tiny dogs, miniature-sized dogs or puppies
• M (20-33cm / 8-13"): Perfect for average-sized adult cats, dogs breeds like Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers, and Toy Poodles

► Regardless of length, all sizes for this style are 10mm (¾ inches) wide.
► Each collar comes with a matching bell, as seen in the photos. Bell is removable (not welded on) and can be omitted upon request via checkout message box.

► Choose the buckle clasp type that suits your needs:
• BREAKAWAY: Commonly used for cat collars, designed for safety and quick release.
• NON-BREAKAWAY: Ideal for dog collars, can be used with a leash.
► Unsure about breakaway buckles? They're designed to release automatically under pressure, ensuring your pet's safety in emergencies. Non-breakaway buckles, on the other hand, require manual unclasping.

► Our products are handmade with love in Poland
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