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Pet Bandana - "Pink Leopard" - Bandana for Cat, Small Dog, Little Pet / Wedding, Winter, Fall, Summer / Slide-on Bandana

Pet Bandana - "Pink Leopard" - Bandana for Cat, Small Dog, Little Pet / Wedding, Winter, Fall, Summer / Slide-on Bandana

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ONE size stylish cotton pet bandana, the ultimate accessory for your adventurous furry companions! Designed for kitties and pups who prefer exploring over fussing with their wardrobes, this stylish bandana ensures they still get the attention they deserve.

Crafted in a convenient slide-on, over-the-collar format, it guarantees maximum comfort for your pets and zero hassle for you. No more struggling to tie it just right or worrying about it slipping off—simply slide it onto the collar and you're good to go!

► Please note, this listing is for the bandana ONLY, as featured in the main photo. However, we also offer matching collars in this fabric, available for purchase separately. 

- Standard Size: 15 cm x 10cm / 6" x 4" (w x h)
- Includes (1) bandana
- Compatible with any collar in our shop (or your own, up to 2,5 cm wide)
- Collars sold separately
- Pattern density & placement may vary

This bandana is ideal for adult cats and small dogs, especially those with larger or fluffier coats that may cover traditional collars and bow ties. It's not recommended for pets with neck sizes under 18 cm, such as kittens and tiny dogs.

To wear, simply unfasten your pet's collar and slide it through the top pocket of the bandana. Then, fasten the collar back on your pet and you're all set! The slide-on, over-the-collar format ensures maximum comfort and convenience for your furry friend and less fuss for you.

Please note that while our pet bandanas are perfect for special occasions, they're not intended for 24/7 wear. Always prioritize your pet's comfort and safety.

► Crafted from 100% cotton, our bandanas are washable for easy care and maintenance. Make a statement with your pet's style while keeping them comfortable and safe with our stylish bandanas.

► Our products are handmade with love in Poland

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