What makes a hotel cat friendly?

In case you are planning to travel with your cat, these simple rules will help you to make your trip more comfortable for everyone in regards to a hotel stay.

Choose wisely. Online research will help you find pet friendly hotels, but it's always better to confirm the information and ask additional questions by phone. The usual policy for hotels is to charge a fee or a deposit for every pet-guest. Long-term stay hotels are much better equipped for an extended stay and have the best pet polices as well. Having a kitchen and laundry facility on sight is very helpful if you are staying for more than one night.

Put safety first. No matter how experienced a traveler your cat is, being away from home might be very stressful, so it's important to keep him comfortable and safe. First check if there's a sign you can put on a door to inform the staff that there's a cat inside – if not, you can easily make one. Then look if the windows and other doors are safely shut - you don't want your cat to get outside in a totally unknown neighborhood. If you are using a carrier or a crate, don't forget that it must be big enough for your cat to stretch his legs inside and have a full value rest. If your kitty doesn't mind, keep his harness on all the time to be able to adjust a leash to it quickly if needed. And if your cat is skittish or nervous around strangers, you will need to secure him while the housekeeping is cleaning your room.

If all the precautions wouldn't help and he escapes anyway, it would be wise to have him microchipped and have a list of local vet clinics and shelters to have the best chance at finding your furbaby as soon as possible.

Be prudent. Check if you can remove the furniture that is tempting for your cat to sharpen his claws on it. Use something to calm his nerves like a Feliway diffuser or Relaxivet – whatever is working for your cat. It's best not to use new drugs during the trip if not necessary. Put a litter box to a safe location and make sure your kitty knows where it is.

Stay calm – keep calm. Please, remember that our feline friends tend to pick up on our mood and stay calm yourself. It will be not less helpful than any other calming remedy. And keeping your cat calm is the best weapon against him destroying the place. His favorite bed, blanket and toys would also add to his comfort.

The main advice is – spend as much time with your cat as possible, distract him with play time and usual activities.

If you plan your trip ahead, traveling with your feline companion may turn to be less stressful than you expected. Preparation is the key. And some training for your cat to be a better equipped traveler wouldn't hurt.


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