Checking Your Cat For Fleas And Ticks

As days become hotter during the summer time, there is a danger that your cat may pick up fleas and ticks. Although, these insects' activity peaks when air temperature is warm, your animal has to be regularly checked throughout the whole year.

A cat will never feel comfortable when fleas and ticks live in his fur. They can bite your pet and cause skin irritation. In addition, these hitchhikers may also transmit fatal diseases.

For that reason some special measures can be taken and purposely designed collars may be worn.

Check your pet for ticks.

If you check your cat regularly, you almost certainly will prevent the ticks to lay its eggs. Ticks adore dark and remote places on an animal's body. If fur is long then ticks may be very hard to spot. However it grows in size very quickly once it has something to feed on. Use a comb and your fingers to spot ticks. Once a bump is found, investigate it and kill the tick.

It is important to check the following:

    • Neck and the area underneath collar;
    • Between toes;
    • The area under front legs;
    • The bottom and the top of both paws;
    • Cat's ears inside and the surrounding area;
    • Anus area;
    • The area under the tail.

If your pet feels uncomfortable, it will be easy to notice: he will lick and scratch himself, especially in a particular place of its body. It may shake its head very often. So, please carry out inspection immediately and remove ticks from your cat's body or call a veterinarian. Moreover, it could be useful to have special anti-tick remedies in your first-aid kit.

Check your pet for fleas.

Fleas are much smaller and more difficult to be caught. It also jumps high, hence it is more difficult to get rid of them. Its presence may be spotted by exactly the same behavior that is demonstrated by your pet when it has ticks. And the same inspection has to be carried out.

Fleas may also jump off the cat's body and start to live somewhere else. So, consult with a vet to get the best treatment. Specially made anti-fleas shampoos can be a perfect remedy to solve the problem, but always check for the components, some anti-flea shampoos contain permetrine, which can be very dangerous for your cat and even deadly.

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