About me
I'm Hanna.
I've loved cats for as long as I can remember.
Creating classy things for them is my passion.
I personally select the highest quality materials for the harnesses. I test all fasteners, velcros, and constantly work on design improvement.
All harnesses are of excellent quality and are made with great attention to details. Everything: the harness, the cover, the postcards, drawn and signed by me, and a bow on the package - is made with love.
Allcatsgood parcel is more than just a harness, it's love, care and a piece of my soul.

Meet our team
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and to make our clients happy
Owner, Designer
Hi, I am Hanna - the owner, designer and creator of Allcatsgood Cat Harnesses. I love cats, and I want them to be stylish and safe during walks and adventures.
Irina is a talented tailor with over 25 years of experience. She helps me with the realization of my ideas.
Anfisa is the traveling cat. She is the muse, mastermind and model of Allcatsgood
What people think about our products

this is so cute and my cat wasn't even a giant baby about wearing it, the little rip is very fashion forward and the wings are exactly what I wanted, they're even attached on by buttons! both items I ordered fit very well, the velcro is sturdy and to a certain degree adjustable in case they gain/lose weight!

Fits my cat perfectly and looks so adorable on her! We're looking forward to all the walks we're going to take once she's fully comfortable wearing a harness!

Gorgeous harness yet again! Hanna has the best customer service! This was my second order and I changed Milo's measurements from the first time. Hanna followed up to make sure everything alright and there weren't any mistakes 👏🏻 From the moment I opened my mail box I was excited! Excellent packaging 👏🏻 Harness is beautifully made and fits just the way I like 👏🏻 It's even got his name on it 💕 Bonus toy! which Milo preferred over the custom made harness 😹 Thanks Hanna! Love your work 😽
Dana and Milo

I can't say enough wonderful things about this beautiful harness! It was crafted and packaged with such care! I wish I could add more pics of how it came... creator sent a personalized card, harness training guide and even a new toy mouse for my fuzzy guy. He loves his new harness, and he looks so dapper in it!